01-04-17 Snow Day!!

We woke up this morning to learn that school had been cancelled for the kids. Since my work is further north and west from where we live they didn’t receive as much snow so they were on a delayed opening. After surveying the 2-4 inches on the ground, and a bit worried about traveling the back roads with my kids in the car, I decided to call out for the day. And so began our first snow day of 2018!!

It was spent watching TV, reading books, and a short playtime outside in the snow. C decided to forgo our outside adventures, opting for a book and the fireplace, but the boys and I braved the cold to clean off the car and do some quick sledding. 

Mommy was definitely the first one ready to come in, but I was able to coax my reluctant children with promises of hot cocoa! The kids are off again tomorrow, but I’ll be heading into work in the morning so it’s time I head for bed. 

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