01-05-17 His Favorite Room

I hadn’t planned on taking any time off today, but I had noticed a rash and some swelling on Baby E yesterday and when he woke up this morning it hadn’t gone away. I had already dropped the kids off at the sitter on my way in when I called the pediatrician’s office. I explained the issue and they said he needed to be seen today and gave me an appointment time of 10:45. So on the heels of my snow day, I turned around and picked him up. I was relieved they could fit us in. We’ve had enough sickness come through our house to know that if something pops up towards the end of the week, it’s better to be seen than not and risk ending up at the Urgent Care or worse during the weekend. 

The last time Baby E was at the doctor’s office was when we had to forcibly remove the bead from his nose, and he seemed to have remembered the experience. Thankfully the rash and swelling were nothing contagious and not a big deal and he was prescribed a cream. 

The highlight of his visit was that he was put in his favorite room, “The Finding Dory” room, and it held his attention most of the time we were there. It was a quick in and out and I got to work after that.

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