01-18-18 A Lunch Visitor

I didn’t tell this big kids this morning that their daddy was going to be visiting them for lunch at school. He’s had a crazy schedule lately, and I didn’t want to get their hopes up in case he had to cancel, but I was thrilled when he called me and told me he was on the way. I imagined the kids spotting him in the hallway or cafeteria, and throwing their arms around him, and from what I understand, that is pretty much what happened. They were both so excited to see him and my heart warmed as I listened to them recount their day when I picked them up.

We met daddy at the library and then home for some pizza, playtime, and (of course) story time. They sifted through the books as they sat on the bed with daddy, and finally landed on three books to conquer tonight. I snuck in a bath as Tim tucked the kids into bed and now the house is quiet. What a special day!


Of course, as I was about to hit ‘publish’ I heard Baby E scream. Well, it was a nice couple of hours of quiet while it lasted! 🙂

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