01-19-18 The Sleepover

There’s a sleepover going on in the room above my head. There have been plenty of giggles, laughing, and the last time I checked they were covered in hand drawn tattoos. C and three of her girl cousins came home with their grandparents and have been bouncing off the walls ever since. It’s a girls’ night in and my boys were pretty disappointed that they were banished to the basement, but I didn’t mind, they will have their turn too. The boys and I watched tv, ate a ridiculous amount of pizza and junk food, played hide and seek, and rounded out the evening with some books before Baby E passed out in his bed.

C spends her time around boys, her brothers being poor substitutes for the imagination of a seven year old girl, so the chance to spend time with her cousins is incredibly special to her.


After I picked up the boys this evening (and before our junk food binge) we dropped by the beach. The weather was beautiful today and they wanted to play on the pirate ship. Interest in that didn’t last long because it was much colder and windier by the water, but we did enjoy watching the icy waves trying to push their way onshore.


Oh, and it’s 10:15pm and the girls are still giggling. It’s going to be a long night! 🙂

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