01-22-18 Pedicure

I got a pedicure this evening. It only cost me $1, the price of two bottle of nail polish I bought on clearance at the grocery store the other day. There were a multitude of color options to choose from, but in the end I decided on a bottle of pink and a bottle of purple. This evening, with my feet propped on a step stool, and a pile of children’s books beside me, I got my toes painted.

This weekend was a difficult one with the kids, with them and me being so overtired. But this evening, well, it was delightful. I read story after story as I felt the nail polish brush rub across my toe nails, and quite often, onto my foot. With marked determination, C created her designs, cleaned off where the polish strayed, and patiently painted each toe. She would glance up and look at the pages of the book I was reading, and then she would turn her attention back to her task. When she was done, she sat by my side with the boys and listened to the remaining stories.

At bedtime they crawled into bed, we said our prayers, and they settled in- almost completely peacefully. 🙂


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