01-25-18 The Not-So-Middle of the Night

I didn’t look at the clock when I heard him come into my room last night. I knew it was late when I felt something hit the bed. A pillow had landed squarely on my foot. I heard some scampering away from my room and then back again, Creepy being deposited there as well. A third trip brought a blanket and his Grouchy Ladybug stuffed animal.

I lifted Baby E into bed, told him I loved him, and gave him strict instructions to let me sleep. Perhaps when I said “Let Mommy sleep,” he thought I said, “Hum a tune just as Mommy is drifting off,” for that is exactly what he did. Groggily, I rolled over and asked him to stop, at which he obliged, but the next twenty minutes were filled with fitful tossing, turning, and the occasional foot in my back. As he finally settled down, my alarm went off.

Of course.

“What’s that?” he exclaimed. I told him what it was and he should go back to sleep, and by the time it snoozed the third time, he was quite asleep, enjoying the rest I so desperately wanted. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months, so Tim has agreed to take the the kids out to the new house tomorrow after school, while I join them on Saturday morning. That will give me one full evening that will be all mine. The kids will get much needed Daddy time, and I will get much needed quiet time (and the possible chance of sleeping past 4:45 am!!) Then I will be refreshed to join them on Saturday!! 🙂



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