01-26-18 It Wouldn’t Do…

Friends, it wouldn’t do. Tim and the kids weren’t ten minutes from home this evening when I felt a sinking feeling. I was sitting on the end of my bed, setting up my new phone (yay!) when I got an overwhelming sadness that I wasn’t with them. I have been longing for an evening alone for weeks and weeks, and here was my opportunity and in that moment I realized that I didn’t want it. I wanted to be with my husband and babies.

So I called Tim, hastily packed a duffel bag (I have no idea what’s in there), and hopped in the car to meet up with him and the kids. I followed behind them, soaking in the hour and a half of quiet that I could get before our destination, and marveled at how happy I was to be near them.

So we are at the new house for the weekend- all five of us. And they have promised to let me sleep in, so we’ll see if that happens. 😉



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