01-27-18 The Bathtub

More important to me than having a nice kitchen or a nice living room, is definitely having a nice bathroom. One of my favorite things in the world is to grab a book, draw a nice hot bath, and relax in the water at the end of a long day. I’ve dreamt of a nice, large bathtub for years and while I loved our townhouse, there was nothing special about the bathrooms.

The bathtub in our new house is big. It’s huge really. It’s the kind of bathtub I have always dreamed of having- the kind you can fill deep, lean back in, and read a book. On my drive out last night I got excited at the thought of giving it a try. Even though we’ve made several visits, I’ve never gotten the chance to.

I waited until the kids were in bed so that I wouldn’t be disturbed. I got my book ready. I filled the tub extra deep with lots of bubbles. When I finally sank down into the water, it was everything I imagined it would be. It was perfect.

I leaned back to let my shoulders get under the water, to wash away the tension of the day and close my eyes. But that’s when I discovered the problem with my bathtub.

I am a short woman. And my bathtub is large. So, as I leaned back to rest my head and back against the slant of the tub, my feet had no place to prop against and I slid right down into the water. It was a dramatic slide, accompanied by a shout of exclamation that brought Tim running to make sure I hadn’t drowned myself. Thankfully I caught myself before going all the way under, but the effect on my peaceful, relaxing soak was the opposite I had been going for. I tried again and again and kept slipping down.

I didn’t get much of my book read, nor did I do much relaxing, but I’ll figure out a solution soon and the world will be right once again. 🙂


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