01-28-18 Jurassic Park

Baby E has been excessively sleepy this weekend. I’m not sure if it is a growth spurt or if his little body is fighting something, but this morning he just wasn’t interested in doing anything but crawling back into bed. Since we were at the new house, we were going to take the kids to the church we had tried out to see how they liked it, but we decided against taking Baby E. Our brother-in-law was going to meet us at the church, but in the end only Tim and he went. I stayed back with the kids to let Baby E sleep, and sleep he did.

While he was down, the kids asked to play “Jurassic Park.” No, my children have never seen that movie. Nor will they see it for a long, long time. However, they had been playing the Lego Jurassic Park video game, so they decided to re-enact it with legos and play dinosaurs. It was great!

By the time Baby E woke up, he had much more energy and bounded around the rest of the day. On the drive home this evening he got pretty sleepy again. We will see how he is doing in the morning.

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