02-03-18 A Familiar Face

My sister and I snuck away from the new house a little while today to run some errands and get groceries. We stopped by Target to pick up some big boy underwear for Baby E. As we were leaving, I stopped short when I saw a familiar face in the crowd. The face I knew was from a woman I have known since childhood. We went to elementary school together. She had been to my house for sleepovers. Her parents go to our church. Besides passing each other at holidays, however, we haven’t seen each other much in years. And here she was, 15 minutes from the new house. We stopped and talked for a bit, only to learn that she now lives only minutes from the new house. Her kids are the same age as C and Baby E.

What an amazing moment to realize that when we finally move to our new town, there will be a familiar face waiting there, and children my kids can quickly become friends with!

I’m praising God for that special moment, the memory of which left me smiling all day!

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