02-04-18 Two Homes

It’s a strange sensation to be stuck between two homes, but that’s where we are. We spent this weekend at the new house, getting home this evening just in time to get the kids to bed. Tomorrow we start a new week.

We took the kids to the new church and they all seemed to like it. It is much smaller, I counted about thirty five other people in the service, but by the time we left the kids had made a new friend. The little girl chased after C as we left so that she could give her a hug. We are used to a congregation in the hundreds, so the intimacy of such a small group will take a little getting used to. When C and I slipped out of the service to find a bathroom, we snuck past the children’s church and there were about 8 kids in there.

It’s a nice feeling to know we have settled on a church. It feels like another big piece just fell into place!

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