02-07-18 Armpit Caves

The kids and I have a new game that we call “Armpit Caves.” In the game, I walk two fingers along the ground as I begin a tale about a very old man that decided to go on an adventure. First he visited the Foot Hills, I say as the fingers climb onto their feet. Then the man climbs the Shin Mountain, slides down the Thigh Slide, goes for a swim in the Belly Button Pond, climbs over Belly Ridge, and up to Shoulder Mountain. But the places the old man wants to visit the most, the places he can never seem to get to are “The Armpit Caves.”

While the children squirm and giggle throughout the story, the prospect of the man actually getting into the Armpit Caves is too much for them to handle. They shriek and laugh great big belly laughs that resound through the house. As they fight off the old man, he resigns himself to climbing over the Cheek Hills, onto the Nose Point, and finally to the top of Skull Island.

The kids now ask to play this game in the evenings, and I willingly oblige. You can never have too much laughter. 🙂

One day I might turn our little game into a book, and yes, I will call it “Armpit Caves!”

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