02-08-18 Quiet Evenings by the Fire

One of the things that I love about living at Tim’s parents’ house is the fireplace. There is nothing more peaceful than watching the flames flicker and dance and feel the warmth lick at my face. At night, with the fireplace running, the basement quickly becomes warm and cozy, and the bitter cold outside is forgotten. It is beside this fireplace that I am sitting this evening.

Today was pretty nondescript. This evening was relaxing. I enjoyed watching the kids pile on to Tim when they saw him walk in the door. He’s had the chance to be home a few more evenings this week and the kids are eating it up. They climb on him, hug him, and follow him around the minute he gets home. 🙂


Story time seemed extra special this evening!


Baby E was pretty excited about the Snapchat filter that made him look like ‘Creepy!’

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