02-24-18 All the Oomph…

There’s a story that we used to read to C when she was little. The book had her first and middle name in the title. “C___ _____ Battles Bedtime.” In the story, the little girl doesn’t want to go to sleep in the evenings because she wants to get all the oomph out of her day.

Well today, we certainly got all the oomph out of our day.

The kids had eye exams this morning. They had been scheduled for weeks and since Big E recently didn’t pass the color section of his school eye exam, it was great timing. I was a little disappointed that the doctor didn’t really test him for it, said he was red/green colorblind, and sent us on our way. It was strange because they tested C, so I was pretty annoyed. Yes, I know he is color blind. I want to know what version and how badly, but I didn’t get those answers today. Sigh. Anyway, all three kids got their eyes checked and they all did pretty well. The big kids were nervous going in, but by the time we left they said it was a lot of fun.


After the eye appointments, we took the kids out for lunch and headed back home. Baby E had a date with his grandparents and his favorite cousin to celebrate their birthdays together. Their plan was to play at the house for awhile, go to IHOP for dinner (you can’t go wrong with pancakes), and then head to the store for them to pick out a toy.

With Baby E occupied for the rest of the day, we made a very impulsive choice to drive into DC and visit a museum. It was already around 2pm, so we knew we were cutting it close, but we decided to go anyways. We got there in time to make it to the Air and Space Museum, which we have tried multiple times to take the kids to, but it has always been too crowded. The kids enjoyed it a lot, especially the areas where you could go inside various aircraft, etc and look around. They have short attention spans, so we breezed through most of the museum in record time, but they had fun. We left right before they closed and then walked down to the Washington Monument so the kids could see it up close. They were pretty amazed by how tall it was. We ended the evening with a quick drive past the Lincoln Memorial and we headed home, where we found a very excited Baby E with a new Batman toy. It was exhausting to squeeze so much into one day and I am pretty happy that we will have tomorrow to recover before heading back to work. 🙂






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