02-25-18 The Day of the Haircuts

Big E has been sporting John Denver hair for a few months now, so it was way past time to get a haircut. We’ve tried to get him to go to a barber, but he’s always been timid about it, so normally we just cut his hair at home- which means buzzing it all off. But I really like when his hair is a little longer, so I’m always sad when it gets chopped off. Today he said he wanted to go somewhere to get it done, so we made an evening of it and decided to get all three kids’ hair cut.

We started with C, who asked to get her hair cut to her shoulders. It’s never been that short, but we agreed to cut it just long enough to still be able to put it in a pony tale. She did great through the whole process and she loved the outcome. I think it turned out really cute, and will be much easier to manage.

Big E did really well, too. They cleaned up his hair cut without taking too much off. Thankfully the mullet is gone. Ha!

Baby E was a little more challenging, as he really didn’t want to stay still. But they did the best they could, and his turned out cute as well. He especially enjoyed the lollipop they gave him during the hair cut. šŸ™‚

So my savages are looking a little more tame this evening. We ended the night with a trip to the grocery store, and a late dinner. Now on to a new week!

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