03-18-18 Sunday Morning Naptime

Baby E is still dealing with some separation anxiety. It makes sense, considering there are a great many things in his life that he is not in control over and we have had some big changes in the past year, so navigating them can be challenging for him. One of the things he absolutely refuses to do is stay in the nursery at our new church. He doesn’t know anyone and the few times we have tried he has been in hysterics the entire time. So when we are at the new house and visiting the new church, we keep him with us for the entire service. Honestly, I thought it would be a disaster the first week that we tried, but he actually took to it very quickly. He sits very quietly and doesn’t stir much and he is almost guaranteed to take a nap about ten minutes into the sermon.

So this morning as we sat at church, I held him in my arms and he slept. I confess that I loved it. I didn’t mind that the room was really warm, and his sweating little body was pressing against me. I enjoyed the weight of him in my arms. I liked the rhythmic sound of his breathing.

As the pastor drew his sermon to a close and we started singing the final song, Baby E opened his eyes and blinked at me, giving me a huge smile. As long as our Sunday mornings go that smoothly, he can sit with me as long as he wants!


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