03-19-18 Happy Birthday

Big E turned six today. I’m not exactly sure how that happened so quickly, but it did. I remember the moment I first saw him. I remember looking into his eyes and being terrified that I was now a mother of a boy, but when I held him and I watched him sleep, I knew he would be easy to love, and he has been. Big E has one of the most compassionate hearts you could possibly find in a young child.

This morning I had the great honor of surprising him at lunchtime at his school. This being my spring break, I went to Starbucks this morning for some coffee for me and a cake pop for my sweet boy. When he saw me as he was coming down the hallway towards the cafeteria, his eyes brightened and he smiled his perfect Big E smile. I enjoyed the time I had with him, listening to him talk and watching how well he interacts with his peers.

I waited around and had lunch with C as well, and that experience was just as enjoyable. When I had said goodbye, I headed home for a quick bite of lunch and then off to the dentist. (Yes, my spring breaks are glamorous, I know!!) I have a cold, thanks to Baby E, so I had taken some Sudafed earlier in the day, and then I had a small amount of my anxiety medicine (have I ever mentioned how much I dislike going to the dentist.) By the time I sat down in the lobby of the office, I was almost asleep!! Not a good combo, apparently! Thankfully the appointment went well and I was on my way to do some grocery shopping before grabbing the kids.

Big E asked for Ledo’s pizza this evening, so we stopped by and grabbed that. When we got home we ate, watched some tv, and then spent the rest of the evening playing. I’m trying to make a concerted effort to spend more time on the ground with the kids, and tonight was a great chance to do it. We played with boats, ships, and cars. We played Telephone, and had a silly, goofy time. We read lots of books and video called daddy, who is away for the evening.

When it was time to turn out the lights, they all obliged and fell quickly to sleep. I was going to stay up and watch a movie, but instead I am turning in early. I have one more day of Spring Break, and I need to spend it cleaning up our basement area. 🙂


PS- I am totally rooting for snow. The more the better!!! Bring on the flakes. 🙂

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