03-25-18 The ‘Incident’ at the Drug Store

This morning I caved and decided to go to the local Urgent Care near the new house. I took Big E with me because he had a slight fever on Friday and was sharing the rest of my symptoms. We got seen quickly, and the doctor prescribed me an antibiotic because I have been sick for so long. He told me I should just treat Big E with over the counter meds for now and keep an eye on him. So after the office visit, we headed over to Rite Aid to pick up some Dimetapp. I had promised him a stop by Dunkin Donuts, so he wasn’t very happy about the detour to the drug store. I told him we would be quick. I found the meds after a little searching, picked up the box, and turned to him.

“This is it. We can go now,” I said to him.

“But Mommy!!!” He responded with a very loud voice and a worried look on his face, “You have to pay for that!!!!” He said it as if I was in the habit of pilfering from local drug stores, and I looked around to see some customers staring at me, and an employee eyeing me suspiciously!

“Of course, I’m going to pay for it,” came my awkward response, which made it sound like I was just covering my tail. The nearby employee that was staring at me asked me if I had everything I needed and then she guided us up to the front register. I wondered as we walked if she thought I might make a run for the door with a purse full of contraband. I paid and we walked out, me making a mental note to use the drug store just down the street the next time we visit!

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