03-26-18 Even Grown Ups Say “I’m Sorry.”

I survived day 10 of this irritating sickness and I am quite ready for it to be over! Despite feeling incredibly overtired the entire day, I thought I was making some progress- I could even smell my coworker’s lunch! Yay! But as the sun started going down, I started to feel worse again. Why is that? Why are nights always the hardest when you are sick?

This evening was a little bumpy with the kids. My commute was super long and by the time we got home everyone was cranky, mommy included. 😦 It wasn’t in me to settle arguments, wipe bottoms, and referee bedtime. I was annoyed that they were begging me for food every 30 seconds as I prepared dinner, or that I was washing a poop mess out of underwear. But no matter how my kids misbehaved this evening, I didn’t do a good job at how I reacted to it. I snapped a lot. I was angry. I was impatient. So after they were tucked in bed, I made a point to get their attention and apologize. It’s always been important to me that my children understand that even grown ups need to say “I’m sorry” sometimes and tonight was one of those nights. 😦



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