04-22-18 Yay!! It’s strep!!

Remember that low grade fever C was sporting yesterday? Well this morning she woke up complaining that her throat was hurting. I had been holding out hopes that it was a cold, as she had been sniffling, but I went ahead and took her to the urgent care by the new house just in case.

C has strep for the second time this year. If you remember from before, I LOVE me a strep diagnosis! Bring on the meds!!

We made the choice to spend one more night out at the new house. It would mean I would miss work, but I didn’t want to travel with C so far when she wasn’t feeling well. We’ll leave in the morning after rush hour.

Here’s praying that no one else gets it!


She measured at 48 inches today. How did my baby grow up so fast?!?! She’ll be taller than me before you know it!


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