04-21-18 Sore Saturday

I pulled into the Target parking lot this evening around 9:30, looking more like I was dressed for Walmart. I had used the air gun at the shop to get as much dust off of me as I could, but I was still caked in dust, walking around in an oversized t-shirt and hoodie. I only needed to pick up a few things, but I lingered in the store for a little while, soaking in the silence around me. I’ve needed to get away. I mean, sure, a two week trip to someplace exotic sounds amazing, but I’ll take a 20 minute stroll around Target in its stead.

I got home and took a shower, watching the drops of water wipe away the dirt and grime from my skin. I got a scrape down my arm and a splinter in my hand today as my reward for hours of sanding. Neither bled, so I call it a win.

It ended up being a good thing that we didn’t stay home today. C started running a low grade fever this morning and this evening she was still working on it. She’s sleeping now, so I am hoping a good night’s sleep will be the remedy she needs.


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