04-20-18 “You should have seen the other guy!”

As expected, Big E woke up with a swollen lip this morning, and when he tried to curl his mouth into a smile it looked like he he was puffed up with novocain. Thankfully he said it didn’t hurt, but I went ahead and packed only soft foods in his lunch. That way he wouldn’t have to worry about opening his mouth too much. By the time he got home this evening the swelling had gone down even further.

Like most Friday nights now, we headed out to the new house. Actually we stopped by the shop first so that we could see Daddy before finishing our journey. When we got home, it was after 10pm, so I carried the kids in (which, by the way is getting harder and harder!) and but them straight to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day working at the shop, but I don’t think it really matters what we do as a family as long as we are together.

Tim has been staying out at the new house a lot lately because it makes sense with his schedule, but if I’m being honest, I’ll admit that this is hard. Most days go rather smoothly, but there are moments that are pretty rough. The kids tend to test their limits when one parent isn’t not around, and so I have had to be ‘strict’ mommy a lot more often, which I do not enjoy.

But with that said, we are all excited to be here. Bummed that we are missing another family get together back home, but thankful we are all together!





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