04-26-18 Can I lay down in the water?

“Mommy, can I lay down in the water?” Baby E asked from behind me as I walked along the edge of the water. “No, hon. You can sit, but don’t lay down,” I said as I turned around to see him sprawled out in four inch deep water. Apparently he was already ‘swimming’ before he even asked. I didn’t mind so much because the weather today was gorgeous. It’s been a strange, inconsistent spring in terms of the weather and I leap at any chance to get the kids outside. When I chose their clothes this morning for school I picked outfits I didn’t mind them getting sandy or wet in, because I figured we would end up at the beach this evening. I would have brought their bathing suits, though, if I had known how drenched they were going to get. 🙂

And yes, I did make Baby E take off his pants to play in the water.



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