05-14-18 MOPS – Free Indeed


I am not a huge fan of the term ‘tribe,’ but for lack of a better word, this is a large portion of my tribe. I have had the privilege to work alongside these women over the past year on the steering committee for our local MOPS/MOMSNext group. I might be in this picture, but the hard work was really done by all the other women. I took some photos and made some videos, but the amount of work these women put into each and every meeting was astounding. They didn’t do it for status, or to be a part of a clique- they did it because they love each other, motherhood, other moms, and Jesus. They spent a lot of time outside of their comfort zones, they were brave, and they were kind.

We ended our MOPS year this evening, and for me it was bittersweet. I have loved serving with each of them, their friendships have been invaluable to me, and I’m going to miss our adventures together. But God is good, and through them I have seen more and more of Him.

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