06-10-18 Snoring

She won’t believe you if you tell her, but C snores. Shortly after Baby E was born and we were still living in the farmhouse, I was sleeping each night in the living room. The farm house was a beast to keep warm, and since it was winter, the warmest room was the living room, so I set up camp there. Baby E had quite a few medical problems early on and I was recovering from the C-Section, so we both pretty much just lived in that tiny living room.

Not much sleeping was happening for us, though. Baby E was jaundice and the pediatrician was adamant that Baby E was fed around the clock every two hours from the start of a feeding. That meant I got next to no sleep the first few weeks of Baby E’s life.

I don’t mind admitting that I snore, especially if I have a cold or if I am extremely exhausted. During those early days of Baby E’s life I’d practically pass out on the couch after feeding him and startle myself awake with a snore.

At some point during that experience C was sleeping in the living room with us, but I can’t remember why. What I do remember is that she would wake me up every time she heard me snore. That meant I was getting even less sleep, and snoring even more.

One night when I was laying there, C was on the floor and she started snoring. After a moment she sat up in bed and started complaining that I was keeping her awake!! That’s when I realized while I was snoring, she was snoring too and waking herself up and blaming me!! After that we made a rule that she could sleep near me, but she was never allowed to complain about my snoring.

Well tonight I am sitting in the next room from her and I am listening to the gentle steady rhythm of her snoring and it makes me smile. Her and Big E only have four more days of school and then they will be done. My sweet, snoring girl is growing so quickly. I’m proud of her hard work this past year and I have loved watching her mature. I’m looking forward to getting to spend more time with all three of them in the very near future!

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