06-11-18 Character Parade

With three days of school left, we are just trying to hold it together and finish strong. Tomorrow is the Character Parade at the kids’ school and they have been talking about it for weeks. They get to dress up as a character from a book, make a poster, and participate in the parade at school.

Instead of deciding which book we wanted to do, we took a survey of which costumes we could pull together and went from there. C chose Moana, so I ordered some Moana books from the library for her to pick from. Big E originally said he wanted to be Curious George, but I reminded him that the costume is hot and he might not want to wear it all day. With that in mind we went to the library and I scoured for books that had superheroes or farmers. We landed on “Superhero Joe,” which we read this evening and assembled the costume. Then the kids set to work making their posters with stickers, markers, and construction paper. Even Baby E wanted to make a poster, and of course he chose Moana as his book as well. Shocking, I know!


Point Blur_Jun112018_201357


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