06-12-18 The Fisherman

A man at the pier caught his first fish this evening. His face was beaming as he was holding it off the ground still attached to the line. It was flailing in the air gasping its final breaths. The kids caught wind of the fish and ran to see what was happening. We had met up with some cousins for ice cream and time at the board walk. They had been playing tag up until the man caught the fish, then most of them were riveted by the stranger. He told me he was a teacher, and that became evident very quickly when he let the kids touch the dead fish as he explained the different parts to them. The kids each ran to us to tell us about the fish and getting to touch it. As he moved back and forth along the pier to check on his rods, the kids would follow him, bombarding him with questions, and with great patience and a huge smile he answered them all.

I wish I had caught his name and shaken his hand. He made such an impression on my children and I was taken aback by his kindness and generosity. He could have ignored them. He could have pretended not to hear their questions over the roar of the bay, but instead he invested and engaged.

So whomever you are, kind stranger, thank you very much, you are an amazing teacher!



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