07-01-18 A Fish out of Water

It’s Sunday night and if I’m honest, I have to say I feel like a fish out of water. There was no hurried drive back to my in-laws house. No rushing to get the kids to bed so I could squeeze in a little down time before going to bed myself. No flurry of laundry or the bustle of grocery shopping for the entire week. There’s no dread of a 5am alarm or calculating how much sleep I might get before it goes off.

As difficult as all those things were, my life feels uncomfortable without them. It feels foreign. I walked around our house today not knowing what to do with myself. I swung between sadness and excitement with every breath.

I know it will take a few weeks to settle into a new routine and start building our lives in a new town with new people.

We ate dinner on our front porch this evening. It’s my new favorite place, especially after the sun has set and a light breeze drifts across the yard. Our kids are so unbelievably happy to finally be here, for us all to be together, and so am I!!



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