07-02-18 The First Day

I anticipated sleeping in this morning, so imagine my disappointment when I woke up at 5:15 ready to conquer my day. It wasn’t all bad, though. It gave me an early start to my day and we got everyone fed and into the classroom by 8am. I wanted to start some sort of schooling as early as possible. Nothing big, just a little work to keep their minds from losing everything they learned this past year. I printed out some worksheets that included some math activities, reading, coloring, and copy work. Since I’m not a teacher, and I’m not completely sure what is age appropriate at this point we worked on things as we could. If we got to a worksheet that was too hard we moved on.

We did school for about an hour and the kids seemed to really enjoy it. Baby E even had some preschool time of his own, which mostly consisted of coloring, putting together a puzzle, and working on his numbers.

By 9 am we were done. Then we packed up and headed to the shop for a few hours. Turns out I ended up needing to run an errand for them, so my mom, Baby E, and I hopped in the car and drove to an area less than a half an hour from my in-laws house. So much for not commuting, right?!? If it hadn’t been mid afternoon, we would have detoured to load up the van again, but as it was we were pressing near rush hour.

As we made dinner this evening the kids played in the sprinkler in the front yard. Kids from next door came over to play with them and I loved watching the kids make new friends. I am excited that we live in a neighborhood with some families with young kids.

I have to say, today went really well and I enjoyed getting all the extra time with the kids. 🙂





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