07-03-18 Every Last Moment

I’m pretty sure that we squeezed out every possible moment today.

After breakfast this morning we took a trip out to visit my sister in law and her kids to get some cousin time. They live about 35-40 minutes away, but the trip feels like half that because it is a beautiful drive through some gorgeous scenery. When we pulled up to her house, the kids could see one of their cousins inside and they couldn’t wait to get out. The kids picked up right where they left off a few days ago. Their cousins wasted no time showing them around and before we knew it they were playing in the basement and having a blast. We stayed for a few hours and ate lunch there.


After our visit we headed towards home (it still feels strange to say that!) and met up with my mom and sister for a stop at Sweet Frog. Yum!  🙂


After we got home we spent about an hour on school work.


And we finished our evening with time in the sprinkler and dinner on the front porch.

There have definitely been moments over the past few days where I have felt off-balance or completely overwhelmed. For that reason, I’m glad that we had already begun to establish a life at the new house before we moved out here because I know the transition would have been so much harder if we hadn’t. I miss work a lot, I miss my friends there, but I don’t miss the commute at all. I’m grateful to have my sister in law so close and that the kids have cousins nearby to play with.

Change is good. It pushes us out of our comfort zones. It is there we can grow. Change makes us value what we have and it causes us to self reflect, and this change is already teaching me so much.

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