07-07-18 Apparently I’m Outdoorsy!

“Want to go for a hike?” I asked Tim this morning with a tone that implied that I really, really wanted to. He hadn’t been able to join us the other day and I was aching to see some more of the beautiful scenery nearby. He had wanted to do some unpacking, but he agreed to go for a hike since the weather was completely perfect. Big E had spent the night at his grandparents house for a belated birthday celebration with some of the boy cousins, so he wasn’t around. Tim, C, Baby E, and I hopped in the car.

I had researched some more of the nearby trails and found one that looked the most promising for a quick Saturday hike. It was less than a half mile from our last hiking location, but it was on the other side of the highway. Beyond that I didn’t have much information.

We pulled into the gravel parking lot and there were a few cars there. We got out and stretched and then hit the trail. It was actually a small trail that meandered through the forest until it ran into the Appalachian trail (which apparently is what we were on the other day.) The shorter trail was pretty easy, without many obstacles but when we got to the intersection for the A.T., I noticed our route was going to get significantly more challenging. All of a sudden the trail wasn’t just packed dirt. It was rocky and very steep. We had already committed to our hike and the kids seemed excited about the hill so we started up. I was really surprised at how well they navigated the rough terrain. We stopped for a few small breaks as needed, but for the most part we pushed through.

After an hour of basically uphill trail we got to an area where we could see the highway we had been driving on. It was further down the road than we had been, so the cars looked very small in the distance. C was amazed at how far up we were. We rested for a few moments and started our trek down. Naturally that went much faster and we made it back to the car in a half an hour.

Compared to our last trail, this one was much more difficult, but it didn’t stop the kids from asking if we could go back another day. 🙂

I have never thought of myself as an outdoorsy person, but I am beginning to think that I am. I love getting away from concrete. I enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of nature. I like to see the trees and hear the birds. Outside the world continues its bustle, but inside the forest there is no rush, there are no deadlines. It is calm. Let’s not go too crazy, you won’t find me camping in a tent or roughing it under the stars. That’s not for me. For now I will enjoy the best of both worlds.


Tim made sure we stretched before we started. It probably helped, but I’m still pretty sore tonight!


At the start of the trailhead. We talked about how to follow the markings on the trail to make sure that we didn’t get lost.


Tim and Baby E are examining a Daddy Long Legs. After that Baby E pointed out every single one he saw!


C is actually on the trail in this picture. It’s just a pile of rocks you have to climb over.


Baby E got a lot of help navigating the rocky terrain.


Taking a break.



Baby E kept talking about how tiring the hike was while sitting on Tim’s shoulders! He also kept saying, “Daddy, I’m following you!”


Strange mushroom on a tree.


Baby E- It’s a fungi!!!!





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