07-08-18 Thankful

My sister asked me today if I had to hop back into my former life, would it make me anxious after the week that I’ve had and I said, “No, it would make me sad.” I knew I was stressed. I knew I was tired. I just didn’t realize how bad it had gotten. This past week has probably been the busiest one I have had in ages, but it has also been the calmest and most peaceful. I’m not on autopilot anymore. I’m not counting the hours until I’m home with my kids. I don’t feel guilt. I’m so thankful I have this opportunity to be home with them!

Like every other day this past week we seem to have filled up every moment of today. We headed out this morning to hear our brother in law preach at his new church. Several other friends and family showed up and we all ended up at my brother and sister in laws house for lunch. The kids loved the fact they had eight cousins and three friends to play with! It made for a very loud afternoon, but they sure that fun.

When it was time to leave, Tim’s brother wanted to drop by to see our new house since they hadn’t visited yet. They hung out for awhile and the kids continued playing with their cousins. I think their favorite part was when they took turns driving the Jeep. Let’s just say I’m thankful no one is getting their license anytime soon!



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