07-10-18 My three year old son, Bob Ross

I looked down from the table this afternoon as I was sitting there helping Big E with some schoolwork. Baby E had been on the floor playing quietly for a few minutes but I hadn’t paid attention to what he was doing. When my attention finally turned to him I saw that he had found some painting supplies and he had lined up all the brushes on the floor and was taking his time picking them up, pretending to paint and setting them down. All the while he was talking quietly to himself and giggling here and there.

“Whatcha doing, buddy?” I asked him.

He looked up at me and smiled. “I’m Bob Ross!” he said, and turned back to his imaginary painting. This kid is obsessed with Bob Ross. He takes his paint brush out on the front porch and ‘paints’ the sunset.

If it’s bedtime he asks if he can watch Bob Ross before falling asleep. He can carry on whole conversations about Bob Ross and he can even tell you Bob Ross’ son’s name because he hosted a few episodes.

Honestly, I think I prefer this obsession over his Moana one, so if you see him ask him about painting happy little trees!


I took the kids to our first playdate/prayer meeting with women (and their kids) from our new church. The kids were excited to make new friends and I loved the feeling of starting to find a community.

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