07-11-18 Um…That Wasn’t Water…

My sister in law and I decided to take the kids to a splash pad in an old town area near her new house. We weren’t there more than a couple of minutes when Big E came to me and told me he had to use the bathroom. No problem, I thought as there was a bathroom right there. I grabbed his hand and headed towards it. That’s when I realized that you had to pay for the bathroom!!! It was only 25 cents, but I didn’t have any change on me. I looked down at my boy as he started to do the potty dance pretty emphatically. I looked around and saw a relatively empty parking lot with one SUV that could provide some privacy. I took him to the other side of it and had him stand next to some bushes. At the risk of being fined for public urination, I told him he needed to pee very quickly before someone saw us. He started doing his business and within a couple of seconds I realized that my arm and my face were getting wet. Wait?!?!?! What?!? Why am I wet? I looked down to see that while Big E was aiming for a bush, he was actually hitting a wooden fence, and it was splashing off the wooden fence and ONTO MY FACE!!! I couldn’t step away from him because I was providing cover, but I also couldn’t really speak at that moment because I was getting pee on my face so I tried to dodge as best as I could. I was really glad we were at a highly chlorinated splash park because I washed myself off once we got back. Not my grossest mommy moment, but it definitely ranked up there!


The kids played for about an hour and a half. Baby E didn’t do too much splashing. My one year old niece, on the other hand, was having a blast. We left as the kids started to complain they were hungry. We took them through the drive through at Chick-Fil-A and went back to my sister in laws house to eat. The kids played for awhile before we headed out.

On the way home, we decided to do a little geocaching. The first place we stopped led us through some tall, itchy grass and we never found the cache. The second stop also yielded nothing, however it was underneath a large bridge. The area had a cement boat ramp. Since there were not many people around, I let the kids take of their shoes and wade in the water on the ramp. They splashed and played for nearly an hour. On our way home after that, Big E said it was the best ‘adventure’ we’ve had yet!


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