07-12-18 This thing…

Twenty years a video editor is not conducive to a lot of physical activity. My job has always been a sedentary one. A few weeks ago a group of friends from work did a 5k and it sounded like such a great experience and it made me long to try something like that. While working, that would never be an option because our schedules were so jam packed. Now that I am home with the kids we are active all the time. We are hiking, climbing, and adventuring as often as possible. Combine that with working at the shop here and there doing physical labor and I have drastically increased the amount I have been moving around.

This evening the kids were hanging out with their Aunt Julie, so I snuck into the room with the treadmill and plugged it in. It took me a few minutes to get the gist of how it worked, but once I got it started I thought, “why not see how long I can go.”

I went two miles with a mixture of walking and jogging and I did it in about 23 minutes. The time isn’t that great, but I was pretty proud that I had accomplished it! I’m guessing I will have jelly legs in the morning!



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