07-21-18 Madlibs

Months ago I found an online Madlibs site for children and I introduced the concept to my kids. I had to talk then through many of the blanks because they didn’t know the parts of speech, but after they got the hang of it they loved it.

Out of the blue this evening C asked to do some so I tracked down the site. The first one I did with her was about “Grandparents” and it turned out pretty funny.

It started raining this morning and it hasn’t stopped. Days like today make me want to find a book and curl up in bed. Instead Tim and I ran over to his parents house to pick up his car and the final load of boxes that were waiting there. By the time we drove home we were both drenched!

It is supposed to rain for the next week or so. After all the adventuring we’ve been doing it is going to be difficult to stay put, but I guess I won’t have any excuse to not unpack!

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