07-22-18 Playground Ninja Warrior

Our hometown got hammered with rain over the past two days. I read somewhere that over a foot of rain fell. Images of flooded roads and downed trees filled my news feed throughout the day.

At our new house we got a break in the rain this afternoon and the kids got to go for a bike ride to the nearby school for some more time on the playground. They were excited that Daddy could join us. They created their own version of American Ninja Warrior, making an obstacle course through the equipment.

Tim, in true Tim form, made the perfect announcer for the event. It’s hard to say which contestant went the fastest. Big E got hung up on the Lillypad Jumps. C breezed up the twisty wall, but it proved too much for Baby E. They all handled the fiery walkway with ease. Big E definitely dominated the bumpy slide at the end. Whew, it was a tough competition!!

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