07-29-18 A Much Needed Adventure

This evening we needed an adventure. Tim had to run an errand and we decided that we wanted to show him our new found stream, so we hopped in the van with him to join him. By the time the errand was over we realized it was getting late and would probably be dark by the time we got near home, so we decided to stop along the way instead. We knew there was an area that had several small parks, that were near some streams. When we pulled into the one we had decided on we found a trail that took us along a shallow, but pretty wide stream. As we walked we found a shoreline that would make for easy access to the water and we told the kids we would all get in. You should have seen their eyes when we told them they could sit down in the water. They had a blast. They really enjoyed skipping rocks. They sat on their bottoms and let the current move them. They ran and splashed for nearly an hour. For a few moments Tim and I sat on a log looking out at the stream watching the kids play and I couldn’t help but smile. These are the memories I want for my children.


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