07-30-18 Noticing a Difference!

I ran five miles this evening on the treadmill. At one point I looked down and realized that my sweat was brownish red, evidence that I spent my day at the shop sanding. I decided to wait for my shower until after my run, but I wasn’t expecting the streaks of colored sweat running down me.

I ran the five miles in 52 minutes. Not my best time, but I was proud that I accomplished it.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed a huge uptick in my endurance. When we were at the stream last night, C got something in her eye and she was having a hard time keeping up with us so I told her she could ride on my back on our way to the van. We went up hills and over uneven ground and even though I could feel my legs burning from the extra workout, I never got winded. What an amazing feeling!

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