08-26-18 My Best Girl


Dear C,

I’m not sure if you will remember it when you are older or not, but this evening we had a birthday party for you. It was daddy, me, Big E, Baby E, Naona, GP, and Aunt Julie. After grace, and while we were eating our food (It was frozen waffles, by the way, because that is what you requested,) we went around the table and each said three things that we like about you. It’s a game we have played now and then throughout your life, but it has been awhile, and I thought tonight would be a good night to do it, after all you are growing up fast. There were a variety of answers. Big E mentioned how much he likes your cuddles and sharing a room with you so he doesn’t sleep alone. Baby E’s three things all centered around how much he liked the way you decorated your cake, (which he couldn’t take his eyes off of all evening!)

Many other different aspects about you were mentioned. Things like- how beautiful you are, your sense of humor, your creativity, your love of dancing, how smart you are, and the joy you bring to our lives. We didn’t do this game to puff you up or to give you a big head. Here’s the reason…

You are growing up and as much as I want time to stand still, to freeze you at this moment, it marches on and so will we. There will be moments when people will let you down. Someone will say something or do something, whether intentional or not, that will wound you. You will have moments of loneliness and fear. It’s part of life. In those moments I want you to remember how much you are loved, and I pray that our love for you, and the teaching in our home will point you to the one who loves you even more.

Your worth is in being an intrinsically valuable child of God. Christ died on the cross for your sins, not because you were good, but because He is. You accepted Christ into your life when you were five, and my prayer for you is that you will live a life captivated by His story, that He will continually draw you closer to Himself, and that you recognize your significance in Him. Let Jesus be the one who guides you. May His words be written on your heart. May His face be what you seek. Then, no matter what life sends your way, you will meet it with the grace and dignity that only He can provide.

I love you sweet bug!



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