08-27-18 The First Day!!


Yesterday, C and I stood in the checkout line at Staples that ran the total length of the store. We had a few last minute school supplies to pick up, and apparently so did everyone else. With at least 60 people in front of us, I was worried we would be there for an hour, but thankfully the line moved quickly. I have been gathering the supplies for schooling for the past few weeks. I’ve worked on my lesson plans. This morning we had our first day.

I’m not sure who was the most nervous, but I’m pretty sure that it was me! Even though I have wanted to do this for years, the thought of actually following through seemed pretty intimidating as today drew near. I tossed and turned all of last night.

We had a few rough patches this morning, probably from waking up so early, but once we actually started our classes it went so smoothly. I was impressed at how well the kids worked together, and they did great when I had to focus on just one of them. The curriculum that we are using eases you into the school year, so we don’t start off with all the subjects right off the bat. With that being said, we didn’t spend much more than 20 minutes on each subject and we were done in well under three hours. (Baby E went with my mom to work today, so that certainly helped to make it an easier experience!)

The kids seemed to really enjoy their time in ‘school.’ They asked many questions and participated in every activity. I know that some days will be easier than others when it comes to getting schoolwork done, but I am incredibly grateful that today went so well!


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