08-28-18 The man in the auto shop…

As we drove down the driveway on our way to church on Sunday morning, Tim suddenly stopped the van. It was clear there was something wrong with it. A quick check confirmed that we had a flat tire. We had returned a U-Haul truck the night before and on our way back home the low tire pressure indicator had come on. Tim had filled the tire with air, but by Sunday morning, apparently it was completely flat. We didn’t want to miss church, so we hopped in Tim’s car and ended up walking into service shortly before the sermon. That afternoon, Tim took off the flat tire and installed the spare. There was a nail lodged in the tire, courtesy of our trip to the U-Haul center.

Tim dropped the tire off last night at a local auto repair shop and they called him this morning to let him know the tire was ready. After we finished our schoolwork, I loaded the kids up in the van to pick up the tire and get it installed.

As we sat in the waiting room the kids did really well. They had each brought along a toy and were entertaining themselves quietly in their chairs. After a little while of waiting, an employee came up and asked me if he could give the kids some toys and something to color. I said ok and he disappeared behind the desk, returning with some Goodyear blimp erasers and some coloring pages.

What struck me about this man was that he went out of his way to show us kindness. He sought us out and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and comfortable during our wait. He made my kids smile and he turned what could have been a boring visit to an auto repair shop, into something fun and memorable for my kids. It was a small gesture, but it came so naturally to him, and it made all the difference to our afternoon.

People like this are rare gems, often overlooked by a society that values self promotion. So to the kind man at the repair shop, thank you. You earned our respect and some brand new customers!


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