09-04-18 School time!

The kids pranced into the classroom this morning all dressed and ready for school. C showed up in a hippie outfit, Big E was a bumblebee, and Baby E was Moana (shocking, I know!) I’ll admit it was pretty amusing having them sitting at the table like that!

We started week two of school today and it looks like it will be running 3.5-4 hours each day. I’m happy with that amount of time, but I need to start them earlier in the morning.

My lesson planning for each day takes 20-40 minutes so I try to get that done before going to bed. Tomorrow we are going to start school when we wake up and take a break early for breakfast.

One of the things that I am appreciating about homeschooling is the ability to make adjustments and figure out what works for our family. I figure it will take a few weeks to get a rhythm down, but that’s fine by me.

Meanwhile if anyone has any recommendations on how to keep Moana entertained during the school hours let me know! He’s participating where he can, but otherwise he’s looking for snacks or smearing play doh down the walls. Yikes!

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