09-03-18 Cousins at the creek!

After a rough day yesterday, I really wanted today to be a diversion, an opportunity to think, but also a chance to smile. Tim’s sister and family (the neighbor cousins) came over and we took them to our favorite creek! The weather was hot today, but the running water was very cold, which made for a perfect combination. We ate a picnic and waded through the water until we found a perfect spot to relax. My brother in law and the kids worked on building a dam, which created a small, calm pool of water that the littlest ones could play in. The kids played hard and we all had so much fun! Everyone was drenched, especially Tim, as the water he waded through went to his neck at one point!

I really, really enjoyed today. I loved hearing the kids laughing. The cold water racing past us was so refreshing. It really was a perfect afternoon!

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