09-25-18 Prayer and Progress


The events of this past week are too fresh and too raw for me discuss them here, but this morning we got the call to come to the hospital to say our goodbyes to my father. By the time we got there, they had moved him into the ICU and he was in critical, but stable condition on life support. They are running tests, trying to rule things out, but most of the day he remained unchanged.

Until this evening when he woke up briefly and followed simple commands. I cried from joy when I saw his eyes flash open. He is not out of the woods, not by a long shot, but this is progress and we praise Jesus for that.

I’m asking you to pray, because I know our Father in heaven listens to the petitions of his saints. Please lift up my dad to be completely restored.

Thank you to the many people that reached out to us today, from the family that took in our kids, to the people who came to see us all in the hospital, to the prayer warriors that were working overtime on our behalf. Thank you so much.

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