09-26-18 A Miracle

Today our family witnessed a miracle.

My father continued to respond well throughout the night. When I got to the hospital around 11am, he was awake, following commands, and interacting with my brother and I. Around 11:15 they decided to extubate and see how well he did breathing on his own. He did great! Before we knew it he was talking, smiling, and moving his limbs. Over the course of the day his speech improved, they removed his brain monitoring. He was cleared by doctor after doctor. His heart looks good. His brain looks good. All his organs look good. This evening he had a hearty meal, carried on a lot of conversations, and made jokes with the nurses and doctors. Tomorrow they hope to get him up and moving, which he is very eager to do, and Lord willing, move him from the ICU.

I recognize my father’s condition as an answer to prayer. Hundreds of people were lifting him up, praying for him, and us as well. We are thankful for the outpouring of love we have received and it is a wonderful reminder of the power of prayer and an example of a Christ focused body of believers in action.

Thank you again for all of your prayers. There are still milestones he will need to meet before they will move him from the ICU and eventually send him home, so please continue to pray for his ongoing healing.

To Christ be all the glory.




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