09-27-18 27 Days

It’s late and we are all exhausted, but I wanted to update you all on my dad’s progress. When I got to the hospital they had him sitting in a chair, eating his lunch. He has improved so greatly over the past two days that by this evening he was transferred out of the ICU. He got put into a step down floor across the hall. His health has returned pretty much back to normal except that he lost a lot of muscle mass in his legs from being bedridden so long, so now he has to build that up in order to start walking and he has some large gaps in his memory from the past few weeks, but honestly that might be for the best. We are filling him slowly as we go along. He gets tired easily, which is to be expected and his voice is quiet because his throat is still recovering from the tubes. We are looking forward to what progress he makes tomorrow.

The ICU staff was incredible. Every nurse and doctor that we saw worked hard to save my dad’s life, while being honest and compassionate with us the whole time. We had some very hard conversations and decisions, but they encouraged us through them. They took the time to listen to us, explain everything they were doing in terms we could understand, and really took the cue from us on how they could improve his comfort. They went above and beyond the entire time we were there and it was obvious that fighting for their patients was something they loved to do every day.

Dad is in great spirits and was amazed at how many people have been praying for him. Considering the fact that we were heading to the hospital two days ago to say our goodbyes, we are in awe of God’s hand throughout the entire situation. We are so blessed and so incredibly grateful.

Thank you again for your continued prayers as our family rejoices over the miracle of my father’s speedy recovery!!

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