10-05-18 A Decent Meal

My father called me this evening to tell me he finally had a decent meal. The poor man has been on a mostly pureed diet for weeks, but today he was finally upgraded.

He had been upgraded too close to lunchtime so they said it would go into effect by dinner. That was fine because Dad wasn’t really hungry. I expected his lunch to be similar to the one the day before, a tuna sandwich, but when his tray got delivered it was two flavors of yogurt and a bowl of cottage cheese. I explained the situation to the very nice lady delivering his tray and asked if we could get him some real food. Before we left, she gave me the menu and I was able to order him a nice chicken dinner. So when he called me this evening, I was thrilled to hear he enjoyed it!

Thank you for your continued prayers. Our family could still use them!

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