10-06-18 Day 36

This afternoon I spent about five hours at the hospital with my father. We played some cards. I did some cross stitching, and my dad listened to some music. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

The past two weeks have been incredibly hard, and it was such a relief today to just be. My dad is working very hard each day and he is noticeably stronger. I am praising God for all of his progress. It is just a matter of time before we can bring him home. What a joyous day that will be!

There hasn’t been much time to reflect over the last few weeks, as we have been running on adrenaline and caffeine, but as it has started to slow down I feel like we can begin to breathe again. I’ve learned a great deal through this experience, and trusting God has been a huge part of that. God has taken me so far out of my comfort zone and pushed me to do things I never pictured myself doing. It’s been hard and scary and messy. I have felt small, helpless, insignificant, terrified, heartbroken, panicked, and overwhelmed, but I have also felt brave, kind, peaceful, confident, empowered, and overwhelmingly happy. Our close knit family has grown even tighter as we fight for one of our own, and the fight is made easier knowing our great God goes before us.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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