10-07-18 Day 37

There are days when Dad doesn’t feel much like chatting. That’s ok, because I know he’s on a hard path right now, and it’s enough for him to have us sitting next to him. I’ve spent countless hours in hospitals at this point, and I’m honored to do it. Sometimes while we sit in silence I cross stitch. It’s a new hobby I have taken up since this all began and I find it very calming. It gives my hands and mind something to focus on and helps to keep my anxiety at bay. I finished my crab awhile ago and I have since started on a hedgehog with some mushrooms in honor of my favorite fungi obsessed child. This evening it actually started to look like a hedgehog, so I am pretty pleased.

Thank you once again for your prayers. Today was a day off for dad in terms of PT and OT but it all picks up again in the morning. He’s working hard and making steady progress and everyday gets a little easier, I think.

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